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Everyone's Bailing on Vision Pro

<a href="">Everyone’s Bailing</a> on Vision Pro

Trouble in Paradise: Issues with Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro is making headlines with some unfortunate news. Let’s dive into the latest developments in the tech world.

High Demand, Low Supply

When Apple opened pre-orders for the Vision Pro, the demand exceeded the available supply, resulting in shipping estimates being pushed to mid-March. This delay has left many eagerly waiting customers disappointed.

TechLinked: Vision Pro Exodus

What’s more, the absence of essential apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify from the Vision Pro platform has caused further frustration among users. This unexpected turn of events has left many questioning the compatibility of popular apps on the new device.

Amazon Alexa+ Incoming

Amidst the Vision Pro setbacks, Amazon is gearing up to launch a paid subscription for its voice assistant, Alexa+. The upgraded assistant promises enhanced conversational and reasoning skills, along with improved functionality. However, there are reports of internal conflicts at Amazon over the decision to charge for this upgrade.

TSMC Fab Delays

On the manufacturing front, TSMC has recently announced anticipated delays in getting their second Arizona factory up and running, potentially pushing the timeline to 2027 or 2028. These delays might also impact the production of chips, raising concerns about the company’s technical capabilities and funding challenges.

Quick Bits

From Mark Zuckerberg’s ambition to create an artificial general intelligence to Microsoft’s free AI reading tutor and the FDA’s approval of an AI-powered skin cancer detector, the tech world is buzzing with groundbreaking developments, offering glimpses into the future of technology.

Despite the challenges and setbacks, the tech industry continues to push boundaries and innovate, holding the promise of better and more exciting technologies in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates!

TechLinked: Vision Pro Exodus

Stay positive and keep exploring the world of tech!

TechLinked: Vision Pro Exodus