TechLinked: Intel’s Insane Move


Intel’s Lost Their Mind

Intel’s Latest Ultra Flagship CPU and More Tech News

Intel recently announced the release of their newest Ultra Flagship gaming processor, the impressive $689 Core i9 14900 KS. This processor boasts a maximum boost clock of 6.2 GHz, outperforming its predecessor by 200 MHz. Interestingly, this chip may be Intel’s final Flagship desktop processor using a monolithic die, signaling a transition to modular tiles for future chip lineups. Despite criticisms of being a minor upgrade, enthusiasts have still managed to break CPU frequency records with it.

TikTok Ban and Potential Buyers

The infamous TikTok ban bill passed through the US House of Representatives, raising concerns about the app’s future in the country. Several prominent figures, including former industry executives and politicians, have expressed interest in purchasing TikTok to prevent the ban. However, uncertainties persist as the Chinese parent company, ByteDance, shows reluctance to sell due to both business and political reasons.

World’s Fastest AI Chip Unveiled

Cerebrus Systems has introduced the Wse3, which they claim to be the world’s fastest AI chip, featuring an astounding 4 trillion transistors. This mammoth chip, using wafer-scale engineering, offers unparalleled performance compared to existing solutions. With its mind-boggling specs and capabilities, the Wse3 promises to revolutionize AI processing power.

TechLinked: Intel’s Insane Move

Quick Bits: NVIDIA Rumors, SpaceX Launch, Microsoft’s Arm Devices, FCC Update, and CPU Shortage

NVIDIA’s upcoming Blackwell architecture may bring new AI and gaming chips to the market, despite the H200 launch still pending. SpaceX successfully completed their third Starship test flight, showcasing progress towards their ambitious space exploration goals. Microsoft is gearing up to introduce new Arm-based Surface devices, with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite expected to deliver impressive performance gains.

The FCC has raised the broadband speed requirements to benefit underserved areas, pushing ISPs to improve infrastructure. Furthermore, the booming cryptocurrency market is now impacting CPU availability, as miners increasingly turn to Ryzen processors for mining operations.

Despite the fast-paced and ever-changing tech landscape, innovations like Intel’s latest CPU and the Wse3 chip point towards a future filled with exciting possibilities and advancements.

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TechLinked: Intel’s Insane Move