TechLinked: Apple’s Huge $2B Fine


Apple’s $2 BILLION Dollar Fine

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Apple’s $2 Billion Fine

Did you hear the latest tech gossip? Apple has been hit with a massive fine of nearly $2 billion by the EU after complaints from Spotify regarding anti-competitive practices on the App Store. Apple’s restrictions on music streaming app developers have raised eyebrows, leading to a hefty penalty. Despite Tim Cook and the gang planning to appeal, this fine has caused quite a stir in the tech world.

Intel’s Arrow Lake Leaks

Intel is making waves with its upcoming Arrow Lake processors. Recent leaks suggest major changes to the naming conventions, core structures, and manufacturing processes of these CPUs. Intel’s future in the processor market hangs in the balance as Arrow Lake’s details unfold. Will this be a game-changer for the chip giant?

Meta’s Decision on Aussie News

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has decided to stop paying Australian news publishers amid regulatory changes. This move has sparked controversy and legal threats from the Australian government. The battle between tech giants and news publishers continues to evolve, shaping the future of online media consumption. What does this mean for the landscape of digital news?

TechLinked: Apple’s Huge $2B Fine

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TechLinked: Apple’s Huge $2B Fine