TechLinked: Apple Rescues Meta


Apple about to save Meta’s whole career

Apple’s Vision Pro and Meta’s VR Update

Apple has finally released the Vision Pro, and initial customer impressions are mostly positive, despite the hefty price tag. Meta, on the other hand, took advantage of this launch to update their Quest headsets, adding support for playing back spatial video recorded on the latest iPhone models and new pinch gestures.

AI Updates from Google, Amazon, and Apple

Google’s AI now includes the ability to generate images using their chatbot and Maps, which could be a game-changer for location-based information. Amazon has also launched Rufus, a chatbot to assist customers shopping on their platform. Additionally, Apple announced plans to invest heavily in AI, promising to share more details later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Reviews and Nothing’s Surprise Announcement

The latest Samsung Galaxy lineup has received mixed reviews, with praise for new AI features, but criticism for certain hardware aspects. Meanwhile, the enigmatically named company, Nothing, surprised everyone with the announcement of the Nothing phone 2A, a more budget-friendly alternative to their flagship phone.

TechLinked: Apple Rescues Meta

Quick Bits

Wi-Fi company Morse Micro has achieved a record-breaking demonstration of long-range Wi-Fi capabilities, while the browser company has introduced new AI-powered features for their Arc browser. The FCC is also set to vote on the legality of robo calls using AI-generated voices, and Japan plans to introduce a new residency visa for digital nomads. In a surprising study, researchers have developed a machine learning model that mimics the way children learn language by observing and feeding real-world audio and video to an AI.

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TechLinked: Apple Rescues Meta