Tech Giants Invest in AI: Tesla, Microsoft, NVIDIA


Tesla's Optimus Walks. Microsoft and OpenAI Invest in Figure AI. Dr Jim Fan NVIDIA Foundation Models

**Optimus Gen 2 Takes Its First Steps**

Optimus Gen 2 Takes Its First Steps

Tesla’s Groundbreaking Advancements

Elon Musk’s tweet about taking Optimus for a walk created massive ripples in the tech world. The video showcased their latest robot slowly navigating a room as spectators observed its movements. As part of Tesla’s AI and Robotic Division, Optimus employs an AI-first approach, targeting repetitive or monotonous tasks. The recent video revealing Optimus Gen 2 displayed remarkable strides in the robot’s capabilities.

Development of Figure AI

Meanwhile, Figure AI is in talks with Microsoft and OpenAI for a $500 million funding round, anticipating an investment of nearly $1 billion from Microsoft and an additional $5 million from OpenAI. This potential deal would valuate Figure AI at close to $2 billion. The company has also secured a partnership with BMW to deploy its autonomous humanoid robots in automotive manufacturing, thereby streamlining tedious tasks and ensuring safety.

Tech Giants Invest in AI: Tesla, Microsoft, NVIDIA

Dr. Jim Fan’s Research at Nvidia

Over at Nvidia, Dr. Lingshi Jim Fan’s groundbreaking research in AI agents has unveiled the development of the Foundation Agent, capable of navigating multiple simulated realities. Although this breakthrough is still theoretical, it showcases the potential for training robots in simulation, hinting at an impending era of innovative advancements in the robotic space.

These remarkable advances highlight the growing potential of AI in revolutionizing the robotics industry, and it’s a thrilling time to witness such momentous milestones!

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Tech Giants Invest in AI: Tesla, Microsoft, NVIDIA