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    Tactical strategy about Rome and gladiators Glory of the Colosseum is in development

    Game Mechanix is ​​currently developing a game called Glory of the Colosseum, which is a tactical turn-based strategy game in which the player controls a school of ancient Roman gladiators. The game will combine directly the fights and management of the team of fighters, wrapping it in attractive graphics.

    Glory of the Colosseum will take place on a world map that includes the Roman Empire and its borders, on which you can move around by hiring gladiators and participating in battles in various arenas. The developers emphasize that the impact of randomness in battles will be minimal, and each new weapon that you provide to your gladiators will give them unique abilities. By choosing different lanist (school owners) with different traits, it will be possible to start in different parts of the map

    A release date for Glory of the Colosseum has not been announced. The game has a page on Steam.

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