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    T1 out of VCT after 0-2 loss to VIRTUOSO

    T1 finished their 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour run early on, with their 0-2 loss to VIRTUOSO in the lower bracket of the VCT Stage Two Open Qualifiers. 

    T1 came into 2022 with a new roster and hopes of success, but despite the roster changes were unable to show results. The team failed to qualify for the main event of Stage One, and has struggled to perform in tier two tournaments. Since T1 was unable to make it to the first main event, they earned no circuit points. This meant that their dreams of making it through the rest of VCT rested solely on their ability to qualify for the second main event. 

    An early loss to Soniqs sent T1 down to the lower bracket, which resulted in them beating Team Reckaroo. They couldn’t repeat the performance against VIRTUOSO, however. Another 2-0 loss ended T1’s run in the open qualifier.

    Not only does a lack of circuit points mean they cannot make a Masters appearance, but they also cannot attend the Last Chance Qualifier at the end of the year to qualify for Champions. T1 will have to look to 2023 to hopefully compete in VCT once again, and finish out the year by competing in tier two tournaments. 

    “0-2 vs virtuoso and we’re out,” said T1’s Josh “Steel” Nissan. “This isn’t even remotely good enough nor a proper reflection of what I’m capable of. Very disappointing start and finish of the VCT year.”

    The VCT Stage Two Open Qualifier 2 continues today and tomorrow, when the last four teams in North America will qualify for the VCT Challengers Main Event.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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