Surviving Valhalla: God of War Ragnarök Tips


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God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla – A Guide to Navigating the Afterlife

The Norse Realms of God of War: Ragnarok are expanding with the Valhalla DLC. This new rogue-lite mode offers fresh story content and combat challenges, pushing players to apply their skills to a randomized set of abilities and perks. Whether a veteran player or a novice Spartan, here’s a list of tips to swiftly navigate the afterlife in Valhalla presented by the United States Air Force.

Choosing the Right Upgrades

At the beginning of each run, players will be presented with a choice between two different weapon upgrades. This initial decision significantly influences the types of upgrades they’ll receive throughout the rest of the run, including runic attacks. So, it’s essential to Choose Wisely and consider the weapons they like using before making this pivotal choice.

Exploring for Valuable Resources

Exploring each realm sanctuary for small chests and pots is crucial as they will reward players with fleeting Echoes or seals, which can be used inside Valhalla or on the shore, respectively. These rewards are shuffled with each visit, so thorough exploration is key to making the most of each run.

Surviving Valhalla: God of War Ragnarök Tips

Optimizing Combat

Combat rooms in the lower realms don’t contain chests or pots, but they almost always have a single healing stone for players to use. Grabbing these stones before or after encounters is vital to surviving in the afterlife. Additionally, runic attacks not only deal massive damage, but they can also provide crucial reprieve from enemy attacks by stunning nearby foes and granting a brief moment of invulnerability.

Long-Term Upgrades and Progression

Mastery seals are the primary currency for purchasing permanent stat increases back on the shore. Players can earn these by completing combat encounters, breaking pots, and completing labors. Weapon labors are the quickest to complete, offering a swift boost of Mastery seals, which can be used to enhance the player’s abilities and stats permanently.

Making Strategic Choices

Players will be offered certain choices that come with a high risk, but they also yield better rewards. In classic rogue-lite fashion, chests of sacrifice may be presented, requiring players to sacrifice some health or rage to open them. Players must carefully assess whether they can afford to sacrifice health or rage for the opportunity to earn game-changing upgrades.

Facing the Realm Tears and Beyond

Realm tears in the Greek Arena are associated with various difficulties, ranging from easy (blue) to hard (red). It’s recommended to prioritize yellow and red tears before the difficulty timer inflates the challenge of these more herculean combat scenarios. This strategic approach can significantly ease the journey through the afterlife.

With these tips, players can confidently navigate the complexities of the afterlife in Valhalla and emerge victorious in their quests.

Surviving Valhalla: God of War Ragnarök Tips

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Incorporate these tips into your gameplay and march boldly into the Norse afterlife! 🛡️🔥

Surviving Valhalla: God of War Ragnarök Tips