Survive Deep Rock Galactic – Official Launch


Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - Official Launch Trailer

Discover Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Introducing Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

In the thrilling world of Deep Rock Galactic, a new adventure awaits in the form of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. This roguelike auto-shooter spin-off of the original game takes players on a solo journey through alien caves, facing off against deadly creatures and amassing valuable minerals.

Exploring the Solo Experience

Unlike the original game, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor offers a solo experience with the same core focus on mining and battling creatures. Players will embark on missions to eliminate the formidable glyphid threat, navigating through five levels of treacherous alien caves.

Dwarf Classes and Subclasses

The four classic dwarf classes from Deep Rock Galactic make their return in Survivor, each with three distinct subclasses. Players can choose from the Scout, the Gunner, the Engineer, and the Driller, each offering unique abilities and playstyles.

Survive Deep Rock Galactic – Official Launch

Scout: Focuses on mobility, agility, and critical damage. Equipped with the versatile m1000 rifle and an array of exciting weapons, the Scout is a force to be reckoned with.
Engineer: Masters high-tech automated violence with fast-firing sentry guns, flamethrower turrets, and an array of explosive and plasma weaponry.
Gunner: Brings heavy weapons and overwhelming firepower, featuring the Thunderhead heavy autocannon, the let storm minigun, and the hurricane rocket system.
Driller: Expert at mining minerals and digging through terrain, armed with an arsenal of elemental weapons for dishing out devastating damage.

Challenging Environments

Players will traverse three different biomes: crystalline caverns, magma core, and hollow bow, each with its own hazards and challenges to overcome. To survive, players must adapt to the unique landscapes and master their surroundings.

Upgrade and Survival

Gathering minerals, taking down bugs, and completing objectives will allow players to upgrade their arsenal, enhancing their weapons and equipment for maximum performance. Each mission presents an opportunity to gain experience and become a formidable force.

An Unforgettable Adventure Awaits

Armed with sharp pickaxes and unyielding determination, players will venture into the depths of alien caves, facing off against a billion angry alien bugs. The mission is clear, and the challenge is daunting, but with the right skills and equipment, victory is within reach.

Embark on Your Journey Now

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is available now in Steam Early Access, welcoming all miners to experience the thrill of solo deep dives and uncover the riches and power that await in the depths. Get ready to rock and stone your way to victory!

Survive Deep Rock Galactic – Official Launch

Remember, the depths of space hold many wonders and challenges. Embrace the adventure, and may your pickaxe strike true as you brave the unknown!

Survive Deep Rock Galactic – Official Launch