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    Summer events are coming to an end!

    Best Anime Games and Hentai Games

    Ah late summer! As we fall, it is time for change and renewal. Classes at colleges and universities are about to start again. But don’t worry, because Nutaku is here to banish your late-summer blues and give you one last wave of heat before the cold sets in!

    Nutaku-tan back to college

    join us from August 18 to August 23 when we celebrate late summer activities A bang! Take this opportunity to pick up some of the highest paying games in our catalog and grab some big bucks at impressive discounts you won’t want to miss out on. Many free games also offer new limited-time offers and hot special events to boost your morale and get ready to get back to reality (or escapism, your choice!), which you don’t want to miss:

    Project QT Keep up with some fun pre-Halloween extravaganza for our favorite spooky girl, Geneva, with a new Hentai scene! Join her as she suddenly ceases to be a ghost and must flee a frantic encounter that turns into some fiery action. Complete 4 chapters of her sexy adventures, earning tons of rewards along the way.

    king of tangle A lucky wheel is being given for the occasion to win or enhance the beautiful and charming Nidia. You’ll also get Nidia Lucky Wheel Packs, which offer loads of goodies like extra Roulette Coins and Summon Tickets, allowing you to get even more out of the event!

    booty phone And join the festivities with new sexy outfits for you horny girls and multiple sinful deals to keep you in awe.

    Join these games and more of your favorite free games for some of the best limited time deals that will make you forget that summer is coming to an end and fill you with lustful thoughts…ah, we mean joy!

    Nutaku End of Summer Event Bonus Coupon

    We also prepared a special gift for players who want to top up their gold wallets!from August 18 to August 23 Just, use the code ENDOFSUMMER25 Buy a normal gold pack in the gold shop and get Gold increased by 25% than you usually have. Isn’t that neat? It’s very simple:

    1. go to gold store on a device of your choice;
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page under the “Gold Packs” section and select “Have a Reward code”;
    3. In the pattern, enter the code ENDOFSUMMER25 Then select “Exchange”;
    4. You will now see 25% more coins in the bag than before;
    5. Complete your purchase with the pack of your choice (remember, this sale excludes starter packs, limited-time event packs and subscriptions);
    6. Congratulations, you now have more coins!

    Now you can reward yourself with extra coins to buy new games at discounted prices, or simply get that bundle you’ve always wanted in one of your favorite free games. Visit the End of Summer Programs page See all the amazing free game events right now, and check out our featured discounted premium games for you. Summer may be coming to an end, but the fun just starts with our new End of Summer campaign!

    Best Anime Games and Hentai Games

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