Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Length


How Long Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – How Long Is It?

The Length of the Game

Rocksteady’s previous Batman titles typically lasted around 10 to 16 hours, but with Suicide Squad switching to a live-service co-op experience, many may be asking, “How long is it really?” Here’s a breakdown of gameplay times from different IGN team members that completed the game and what they prioritized during their time.

IGN Team Member 1

It took between 10 and 11 hours to finish the main story, focusing mainly on completing support Squad missions to unlock basic abilities and crafting opportunities. They also spent an additional 10 or so hours engaging in open-world activities after completing the game.

This IGN member mentioned that occasional server issues during a boss battle made them replay it several times, but overall, they felt adequately powered throughout the game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Length

IGN Team Member 2

Completing the game in just under 8 hours, this member’s primary goal was to complete the game as fast as possible. They ignored extra side missions, dodged most enemy encounters, and avoided Riddler collectibles. The player mentioned that this approach lengthened the boss battles, but they felt confident in their playstyle after six hours.

IGN Team Member 3

Spending about 20 hours in total with Suicide Squad, this member aimed to complete new support Squad missions to earn rewards that directly impact gameplay. The completionist approach unlocked legendary crafting recipes, vehicle upgrades, and more.

IGN Team Member 4

Taking exactly 10 hours and 4 minutes to interact with various exhibits and landmarks within the game, this player also failed a boss fight due to taking an undergeared character into battle. Despite that, they reported that combat encounters and escort missions felt easy to clear.

After learning about varying playtimes, it’s incredible to see how unique each player’s experience with Suicide Squad was. 🚀

In the end, no matter how long it took to complete the game, each experience was rich with drama, action, and the thrilling world of the Suicide Squad! 🎮

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Length

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Length