Subaru’s Booba Breakthrough


Subaru Finally Got Jiggle Physics For Her BOOBA...

Subaru’s Jiggle Physics

In a recent free talk stream on January 10th, Oozora Subaru of hololive made an eye-catching revelation that has set the internet abuzz. The VTuber shared some exciting updates about her avatar’s appearance that have drawn the attention of her fans.

Subaru’s Transformation

During her stream, viewers were quick to notice a significant change in Subaru’s character model. As they watched her latest short video, titled #愛包ダンスホール 踊ってみたよ〰️!🥧, they observed a notable feature – the appearance of jiggle physics for her character’s “BOOBA.”

Previously, her avatar’s chest area had remained static, but with this recent update, the developers have implemented jiggle physics to create a more dynamic and realistic simulation of movement. This update has garnered the attention of Subaru’s dedicated fanbase, piquing their curiosity and sparking discussions across social media platforms.

Subaru’s Booba Breakthrough

Engaging with the Audience

Subaru’s playful reaction and acknowledgment of the change during her stream added an element of humor and lightheartedness to the unexpected reveal. Her cheerful demeanor and willingness to playfully engage with her viewers further amplified the excitement surrounding this new feature.

A Positive Change

The addition of jiggle physics to Subaru’s character model has breathed new life into her virtual persona. Fans have expressed their delight and appreciation for the visual update, emphasizing the positive impact and enhancement of Subaru’s virtual presence.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from Oozora Subaru’s channel, as she continues to captivate and entertain her audience with her unique charm and creativity!

Subaru’s Booba Breakthrough