Subaru Broke by Ao-Kun’s Ikemen ‘BAU BAU’


Ao-Kun's Ikemen "BAU BAU" Broke Subaru...

The Meeting of Hiodoshi Ao and Oozora Subaru

An Unforgettable Encounter

The virtual world of VTubers is always full of surprises, and one such memorable event unfolded when Hiodoshi Ao met Oozora Subaru. The meeting, which took place during a recent online session, was filled with fun banter and delightful exchanges.

Colorful Banter and Endearing Moments

During their interaction, Hiodoshi Ao shared comments about his adorable “BAU BAU” and his charming demeanor, which quickly caught the attention of Oozara Subaru. The lighthearted conversation and playful teasing between the two VTubers added to the delightful atmosphere of the stream.

A Fun-Filled Get-Together

Amidst the laughter and friendly jabs, their camaraderie shone through, showcasing the heartwarming bonds within the VTuber community. The natural chemistry and positive energy between Hiodoshi Ao and Oozora Subaru made the experience truly memorable for their fans and viewers.

Subaru Broke by Ao-Kun’s Ikemen ‘BAU BAU’

PS: The vibrant personalities of Hiodoshi Ao and Oozora Subaru created a joyful and entertaining online gathering that left a lasting impression. The VTuber community is indeed filled with laughter and warm connections, making every interaction a delightful experience!

Subaru Broke by Ao-Kun’s Ikemen ‘BAU BAU’