Street Fighter 6: New Outfits Revealed!


Street Fighter 6 - Official Akuma, A.K.I., Ed, & Rashid Outfit 3 Showcase Trailer

The New Outfit Showcase for Akuma, A.K.I., Ed, & Rashid in Street Fighter 6

Get ready for an exciting glimpse of the latest outfits in Street Fighter 6! The new showcase trailer unveils the third costumes for Akuma, A.K.I., Ed, and Rashid. Fans of the game are in for a treat as they witness these iconic characters in action with their stylish new looks.

Akuma’s Third Costume Unveiled

Akuma, the fierce and formidable fighter, showcases his new outfit in this trailer. Players can see him unleashing his devastating moves in a fresh and striking attire that adds a new level of intensity to his character.

Meet A.K.I. in Style

A.K.I. steps into the spotlight with a sleek and modern third outfit that reflects her high-tech prowess. Gamers will be thrilled to witness her dynamic style as she battles it out in Street Fighter 6 with her unique flair.

Street Fighter 6: New Outfits Revealed!

Ed’s New Look Steals the Show

Ed’s third costume is sure to turn heads with its cool and edgy design. Fans of this fan-favorite character will be delighted to see him in a fresh ensemble that adds a new dimension to his personality as he fights with style in the game.

Rashid Rocks His Third Outfit

Rashid brings his trademark energy and enthusiasm to his new outfit in Street Fighter 6. Players can enjoy watching him in action, showcasing his vibrant and dynamic fighting style in a costume that perfectly complements his adventurous spirit.

Get ready to experience these exciting new outfits for Akuma, A.K.I., Ed, and Rashid on May 22, 2024, when they become available in Street Fighter 6. Don’t miss out on the chance to see your favorite characters in a whole new light as they bring their A-game to the roster!

Excitement is building as Street Fighter 6 continues to deliver thrilling content for fans around the world, and these new outfits are sure to add even more fun and excitement to the game. Get ready to dive into the action and show off your skills in style with the latest additions to the Street Fighter universe!

Street Fighter 6: New Outfits Revealed!