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    Streamer who broke her spine found out about her pregnancy before a complex operation

    Porn actress and streamer Andriana Chechik broke her spine during the TwitchCon festival in early October. Due to serious injuries, she had to undergo surgery and further recovery. Returning to service after the hospital, Chechik aired on Twitch and shared the details of the operation, showed a large scar on her back and said that she found out about her pregnancy already in the ward.

    To correct fractures in the streamer’s spine, it was necessary to implant metal support rods. Due to the complexity of the operation and the long course of rehabilitation, the pregnancy had to be terminated. The girl says that since the injury, not a single representative of the festival has contacted her, but so far she is not focused on proceedings, but on recovery, and cannot broadcast for a long time due to the load on her back.

    It is worth noting that Chechik is not the only one who suffered at the festival. Other contestants were also injured during the competition in the foam cube pool.

    As seen on PlayGround

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