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    Stray helps raise money for homeless animals: PC and PlayStation game inspires charity

    Stray is not just a good game, it’s a game that does good: Annapurna (the publisher) and individual players have raised funds to help homeless animals.

    Prior to the release of the game, on July 19, Annapurna contacted the Humane Society of Nebraska to donate copies of the game to them as a fundraiser for the orphanage. Within a week, more than $7,000 was raised for this purpose, including a donation of $1,035 from Annapurna itself. Most of those who donated funds to the shelter were people who had not previously collaborated with the society, which means that the game was able to attract the attention of new people, and not those who already donated to the needs of the Nebraska Humane Society.

    Annapurna also rented a bar and NYC cat shelter agency, Meow Parlour, for an event where attendees could play a game (surrounded by cats) and purchase exclusive Stray-themed merchandise. The publisher also donated $1,000 to the institution.

    A platform called Tiltify, which allows streamers to donate their earnings to nonprofits, said it has launched at least nine new Stray campaigns, while JustGiving, another charity, has identified two more.

    North Shore Animal League, an American non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization, reported receiving more than $800 from a campaign related to the game. A streamer named TreyDay1014 also partnered with the Nebraska Humane Society and helped raise over $1,500 through a special broadcast.

    If we talk specifically about the game, then here description of update 1.03 for Stray.

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