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    Stray cat will be playable in Doom soon

    Released just a week ago, the adventure game Stray is leaving its metaphorical paw prints on the industry. In fact, the BlueTweak Studios release is currently the highest rated game on Steam, ahead of popular titles like God of War and PowerWash Simulator. And of course, the PC community isn’t far behind with a selection of nifty mods, including this one that takes the famous cat and brings it into one of the world’s most famous shooters.

    User edy pagaza shared a video of the protagonist from Stray shooting demons in Doom. A short clip shows the cat running through some areas from the classic id Software game with a B-12 droid hovering above it and firing plasma rounds at numerous enemies. The author said that the mod will become available on July 27, i.e. tomorrow.

    Considering the original Doom is one of the most influential shooters of all time and has been around for almost three decades, there have been so many mods released over the years that have changed the formula and the visuals. What edy pagaza has to offer is sure to intrigue players, especially those who have always wanted to know what it’s like to be a demon-shooting cat in hell.

    As seen on PlayGround

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