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    Strategic Resource Management Simulator Illuminaria Coming to Steam August 4th

    Selva Interactive announced that their innovative and welcoming resource management game Illuminaria will be coming to Steam on August 4th. In Illuminaria, players will have to bring light back to a world engulfed in darkness. They will control a swarm of intelligent robots, extracting resources, managing and protecting several bases, going on expeditions and fighting dangerous enemies that stand in their way.

    In Illuminaria, mechanics are simplified in a unique way. Creating and collecting resources takes only a few clicks from the user. The player controls a swarm of robots that are smart enough to decide which task to perform next based on the swarm’s intelligence and the player’s data. The game combines several genres in a spectrum of strategies such as tower defense, auto battlers and base building.

    Throughout the game, players will uncover the story of how the darkness took over and why it is their job to bring back the light.

    As seen on PlayGround

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