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    Strategic Mind: Fight for Dominance Coming to Xbox Consoles July 20

    Strategic Mind: Fight for Dominance, a special edition of the Strategic Mind series that brings together the acclaimed games Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg and Strategic Mind: Specter of Communism, is due out on Xbox consoles on July 20th.

    Strategic Mind: Fight for Dominance offers players the opportunity to take command of the German military or the Soviet military in a battle for total control. The development team behind both Blitzkrieg (not yet available on Xbox) and Specter of Communism have poured their passion for World War II history into every aspect of the game. From historical operations and events to alternate history moments, players will love the attention to detail and the feeling of being an active participant in the epic events that are taking place.

    With videos before and after each operation, players will truly feel the weight of their decisions. Immerse yourself in immersive story-driven gameplay and interact with numerous historical figures who shaped this important period in history.

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