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    Storm Point, World’s Edge in ranked rotation, Kings Canyon vaulted in Apex’s season 13

    Apex Legends’ next season is bringing the action to Storm Point, World’s Edge, and Olympus, but Kings Canyon will sit out of the Apex Games for a few months. The map pool in season 13 will not include the Solace arena but will rotate between the other three stages in unranked game modes.

    The first split of ranked will take place on Storm Point, following the map’s overhaul in season 13. This gives players a few weeks to explore and grind their ranked points on the new take of Storm Point, with the Downed Beast POI and the addition of IMC armories.

    For the second half of the season, players will dive back into World’s Edge in ranked. The map was absent from Apex in all forms in season 12, but this time, it will be available in both game modes.

    Olympus rounds out the unranked map rotation, giving another stint to the arena in Psamathe. The map was absent in season 11, though it returned in style in season 12 with a map update. The changes overhauled the arena by creating two new POIs, Terminal and Phase Driver, and Olympus was also a part of the storyline that season.

    Kings Canyon, on the other hand, will be out of all playlists in season 13. This means fans can’t dive into the map unless Respawn Entertainment makes an exception through an event, limited-time mode, or just by allowing it back into the rotation for a short time, like it did in early 2021.

    Additionally, Respawn will also introduce a set of changes to the competitive mode, bringing a “reworked ranked system that rewards teamwork and skill,” according to the official season 13 page.

    Players can dive into World’s Edge when Saviors kicks off on May 10, though they can’t play ranked on the map until partway through the season—likely in mid-to-late June, based on Respawn’s schedule. In the meantime, there’s plenty to do on Storm Point following the new additions to the map, which promise to shake up the competitive mode.

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