Steve Martin: The Unauthorized Documentary


Steve! (Martin) A Documentary in 2 Pieces - Official Trailer (2024) Steve Martin, Martin Short

Exploring the World of Steve Martin: A Documentary in 2 Pieces

Steve Martin, the beloved and enigmatic entertainer, is set to take center stage in a new two-part documentary directed and produced by Academy Award winner Morgan Neville. Titled “STEVE! (martin) a documentary in 2 pieces”, this upcoming project promises a deep dive into the life and career of the iconic comedian. Featuring a star-studded lineup including the likes of Finn Wittrock, Martin Short, Tina Fey, and more, this documentary offers a unique look at Steve Martin’s journey from his early struggles to his current success.

Unveiling Two Distinct Perspectives

The documentary is divided into two parts: “Then” and “Now”. “Then” delves into Steve Martin’s early days in the entertainment industry, chronicling his rise to fame as a groundbreaking stand-up comedian who eventually stepped away from the spotlight at the age of 35. On the other hand, “Now” focuses on the present-day Steve Martin, offering a glimpse into the golden years of his career and the transformations that have led to his current state of artistic and personal fulfillment.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Featuring never-before-seen footage and candid insights into Steve Martin’s personal and professional life, “STEVE! (martin) a documentary in 2 pieces” promises to paint a comprehensive picture of this legendary figure in entertainment. From his early struggles to his triumphs, viewers will have the opportunity to witness the evolution of a performer who has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Steve Martin: The Unauthorized Documentary

Coming Soon to Apple TV+

Produced by Morgan Neville, Meghan Walsh, and Charlise Holmes, with Caitrin Rogers, Ben Cotner, and Emily Osborne serving as executive producers, this two-part documentary is set to premiere globally on Apple TV+ on March 29, 2024. Fans of Steve Martin and documentary enthusiasts alike won’t want to miss this intimate and revealing portrait of a true entertainment icon.

As the release date approaches, anticipation for “STEVE! (martin) a documentary in 2 pieces” continues to build, promising an engaging and enlightening viewing experience for audiences around the world.

Get ready to step into the extraordinary world of Steve Martin like never before!

Steve Martin: The Unauthorized Documentary