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    Steam releases free-to-play asymmetrical online action game with 80s horror monsters

    The vast catalog of the digital store Steam has replenished with an ambitious free multiplayer project. As part of early access, the asymmetric action Video Horror Society was released, which is inspired by cult horror films.

    Video Horror Society players will plunge into the atmosphere of the 80s, when the most unusual monsters of the film industry were created. Terrible creatures come to life at night and declare a hunt for teenagers in a small town where no one will help them.

    Matches in the Video Horror Society are played in a 4v1 format. Gamers can choose to side with the monster and start hunting teenagers or try to survive a scary night as ordinary children who can cooperate with each other.

    Apparently, the authors of the game managed to make an entertaining online action game. In the first day since its release, Video Horror Society received 76% positive feedback.

    As seen on PlayGround

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