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    Steam has revealed a new update for Dark Souls 3, which may indicate the imminent return of multiplayer

    With From Software fans happily distracted by Elden Ring multiplayer over the past few months, it’s easy to forget that the Dark Souls 3 servers on PC are still down. But now a new Dark Souls 3 update on Steam might give fans some hope.

    In January 2022, Bandai Namco closed the Dark Souls servers on PC to deal with a potential security exploit where hackers could gain access to the player’s PC. Six months have passed, and the servers are still down.

    However, according to the Dark Souls 3 SteamDB page, Bandai Namco has released a new debug update on Steam for the first time in years.

    While this isn’t solid proof of anything, it does strongly suggest that Bandai Namco is preparing a new patch for Dark Souls 3 for PC that will be released soon. Given that the most important fix the game needs right now is the return of multiplayer servers and an exploit fix, it’s likely that this update will do just that.

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