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    Steam Deck preorders are finally available in parts of Asia

    Valve has announced the Steam Deck will be shipping to regions in Asia later this year and has already started taking reservations as we speak. This comes after news of Valve ramping up production after solving some supply chain issues (opens in new tab). 

    Komodo is working with Valve as an authorized reseller of the Steam Deck, and customers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong can place reservations on Komodo’s retail site. (opens in new tab) Komodo is offering the same 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB models of the Steam Deck that are available in other regions. 

    Once customers plunk down a deposit, they’ll get a rough estimate on when they should expect their Deck to ship out. Then they, too, can live in a constant state of stress refreshing the page, hoping it doesn’t get pushed back another three months. 

    If you have a reservation in other regions like North America, the UK, or the EU, don’t worry, your position in line to get a Deck isn’t affected by the Komodo reservations. Chances are you’ll still get yours before them anyway. Fingers crossed. 

    “We’re very excited to make Steam Deck available in more places around the world, and hope players in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong will love Steam Deck as much as we do,” Valve said in a blog post (opens in new tab). 

    Steam and Komodo also plan to put together a giant booth at this year’s Tokyo Game Show so attendees can get some hands-on time with the Steam Deck and see what the big fuss is about. (opens in new tab) 

    I’m sad to report to our Australian readers eagerly waiting for the Steam Deck to enter their lives that there is still no new update on when it will ship to your region. It might be a while, but we have tips on how you could snag one if you don’t mind jumping through some hoops (opens in new tab). 

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