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    Steam Achievements Shows More Elden Ring Players Have Joined Rennie Than Sit on the Throne

    Elden Ring is certainly a challenging game, but by no means impossible. Based on Steam achievements, just over a third of players eventually completed the game, either becoming Lord of Elden or receiving one of the other possible endings depending on the player’s actions.

    What’s surprising here, however, is that based on the Steam achievements, the default ending loses out to the ending where you need to put in extra effort.

    25.6% of players have unlocked the “Star Age” achievement, and only 18.5% of players have unlocked “Lord of Elden”. Of course, it’s worth considering that some players may have played through the game to get one ending and then play it again to unlock another.

    The interesting thing here is that “Star Age” requires the most effort. To help Rennie escape from the Interearth, there are a few things you need to do that are easy to miss without guides. There are also a few optional bosses and areas required to collect everything you need to become Rennie’s consort. On the other hand, the ending of “Lord of Elden” is impossible to screw up, and in any case, you will unlock this achievement. So it’s surprising to see that the Elden Ring community was interested in getting an alternative (and considered better) ending.

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