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    Stealth platformer The Siege and the Sandfox coming to PC in 2023

    Koch Media and Cardboard Sword have joined forces to publish the developer’s debut game, The Siege and the Sandfox. A unique 2D 16-bit stealth metroidvania (Stealthvania) with promising smooth platforming gameplay will be released on PC in 2023.

    The Siege and the Sandfox is a 2D stealth metroidvania with parkour platforming. Explore the majestic palace and ancient prisons of the besieged kingdom. Assume the mantle of the legendary Sand Fox, venture into the ruins below and learn of the true threat posed by the sand evil. Use stealth to sneak through the environment, incapacitating enemies or hiding behind them as if you weren’t there.


    • Extensive non-linear exploration of the continuous world
    • Innovative stealth skills to sneak past enemies with dynamic gameplay and intuitive controls worthy of an epic assassin adventure
    • The fusion of modern effects and classic spirit using Unreal Engine 4 results in a unique combination of fast hand-drawn animations, backgrounds and 16-bit art style.
    • A dynamic, gameplay-based music system that builds tension and highlights the danger.
    • A varied cast of characters to discover and help along the way, as well as tools to help you access new areas previously unexplored.

    As seen on PlayGround

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