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    Star karting in new Star Citizen video

    Cloud Imperium Games has released a new video showcasing new features for Star Citizen.

    The first part of the video shows the Snake Pit race track on Clio released as a surprise in alpha 3.17.2, which is pretty cool, but what’s even more interesting is what happens in the second part of the video.

    We see that alpha 3.8 will mark the addition of Mario Kart-style racetracks in convention centers to be used with the small but cute Greycat PTV buggies.

    Meanwhile, the total amount of crowdfunding has exceeded $492 million, and it is currently $492,012,019. The number of registered accounts recently exceeded 4 million, reaching 4,029,068 at the moment.

    Star Citizen will be released sometime in the 21st century.

    As seen on PlayGround

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