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    Star Citizen player managed to get some of the funds back despite CIG’s legal arguments

    Developers from Cloud Imperium Games have already collected almost $600 million from players to create Star Citizen. Unfortunately, despite the years that have passed, the final work on the space simulator is still not in sight. Therefore, it is quite understandable that many backers simply lose patience and demand the return of money donated to the game. And although seemingly voluntary payments (in exchange for which investors can play Star Citizen in early access) are non-refundable, one of the sponsors proved that there is a chance to return their money … even after 8 years from the date of transfer and 274 hours spent in the game.

    That’s how long it’s been since user BlueBackground donated his savings to CIG to finish and buy Star Citizen at the same time. However, as the years went by, backer’s hope for a full version was constantly waning. In this regard, he demanded to return to him part of the money spent on the game, namely $ 250 (he also bought ships, but resold them in order to at least slightly reduce his losses). Interestingly, BlueBackground received an extensive, 5-page message from Cloud Imperium Games in which the developers explained to him why he was not eligible for a refund.

    Your claims are unfounded and we are not obligated to refund your money for the reasons we have set out below. However, as a gesture of goodwill, we offer to reimburse you for part of the costs incurred, reads a fragment of a letter shared by a user.

    To the surprise of the gamer, not a part, but the entire amount, which he contributed 8 years ago to develop the project, was credited to his account. In a published message, he noted that he himself doubted whether he would receive this money.

    I’m shocked that I got my money back, however I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get it, or at least I wouldn’t get it that fast.

    Of course, the successful outcome of the BlueBackground case will instill hope in the hearts of other users who are also demanding the return of the money entrusted to the developers. And there are many such cases. Proof of this is the special “r/starcitizen_refunds” subreddit, where players share similar stories and ideas on how to get their money back.

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