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    STALCRAFT 2022 Birthday: Story, Gifts and Battle Pass

    The STALCRAFT shooter has a festive update for the game’s birthday. The developers have added a continuation of the Blue Ball storyline, a special pass, cases and gifts.

    After talking with the Shaman in the Bar, you can start story missions with a confrontation for the Blue Orb artifact. Uncover the secrets of the zone in the fight between the Blessed and the Orderlies. Thematic battle pass is activated, the developers offer to open 90 levels with cool prizes. Added “Holiday cases” with special equipment.

    All players are given traditional gifts for long service, the value of the prizes depends on the date of registration of the account. Prizes include trinkets, boosters, containers, and exchange coins. OFT participants will receive a rare keychain “Pioneer”. The game store also includes great discounts. Weapons have been rebalanced and models of armored suits and the Kukri knife have been updated.

    As seen on PlayGround

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