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    Stage 2 of the “Arcade” and the final of the July deliveries in World of Tanks

    Starting July 29, World of Tanks includes the second stage of the Arcade experimental mode and the final part of the July Deliveries. Try unusual gameplay and take prizes.

    Stage 2 is called “Surprise Effect”, players have 3 days to participate in battles with modifiers: +75% increase in base damage spread, +50% engine power and -25% reload time.

    Battles take place on one of 7 maps. Also on weekends, there is a x3 bonus of experience for the first victory of the day and the “Skilled Tanker” tasks, by completing which you can get coins to buy rewards in a special store.

    Hurry up to earn and spend “July Supply” coins before August 8th. Later, the next chapter of “Arcade” will be included with new modifiers, follow the events in WoT.

    As seen on PlayGround

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