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Peter Griffin in Among Us

Peter Griffin Family Guy Mod in Among Us: An Epic Gaming Adventure

Su dudes welcome back to among us today we have an interesting one we are literally Peter from fortnite Family Guy now how this mod works during the day I can’t kill anyone but during the night if I have enough keys I can buy fortnite guns to kill other people my Goal I have to buy five different items from five different vending machines and then I win but how this works you see above their head right that little uh bar that’s their annoyance meter I can’t kill them unless their annoyance meter is full how I annoy them is check this Out listen I just Laugh I just I’m going to go ahead and for why did he send me he said look he look his bar is slowly filling up um okay so how I get keys check this out I either do a task right like check this out let me do this task uh right here I Got to build a burger uh bread Burger salad okay bread wait bread Burger salad lettuce Burger s got it look at that gave me a key now it’s night time now I can kill someone so since I have a key right I can go buy that vending machine

Mod Features and Gameplay

Right there I think that one cost one hold I’m no he’s get he’s getting angry he’s getting angry got the key he’s getting stop doing this is so toxic let me just at least let me move one his bar is full which means I can Kill him so now that I have oh I have two keys oh I I laughed near a chest and it broke it I didn’t know you can e Keys like that look Okay can buy this what is this oh I drink that why is the laugh like that I don’t I just don’t get it all right so I unlocked slurp station um it’s the laugh one oh there’s Gary no no no no no no no so I’m going to use the laugh kill it gets one use if I use it on someone With the full bar are you going to me forever hey looks uh listen um now that you know it’s me you know what’s kind of happen right yeah I’m dead yeah uh or do you want to live it’s up to you honestly it’s honestly up to I going live if you Don’t kill me okay I’ll let you live just kidding I did a swole Peter laugh and he insta died all right well that one’s done uh well wait I think I can wait there’s Biel there’s Biel I’m going to for Biel on Camas and now he’s in the middle of no

Engaging Gameplay and Strategy

More great okay it’s daytime again um I can’t kill anybody so I guess I can laugh and get keys from the chest right that’s mildly broken I didn’t think that was a thing good to know all right uh let me go ahead and transform looks is permanently dead I need to kill More people okay so I didn’t explain this how they win you can see the taskbar is filling up right the way they do that they do tasks which gives them keys and they open up these chests they got to open I think 30 chests and they Win so yeah they’re already 30% there I got to hurry this is not going well um and I also got to be careful cuz they can call a meeting and vote me out so I got to be a little bit less sus um how Do I do that hey s wait question why is your bar not full have you not gotten annoyed your bar is also not full you’re the Imposter aren’t you you’re the Imposter you’re the you’re annoying me you’re annoying me you’re annoying me here maybe you’re the Impost about that that’s my bad sorry that’s my bad I didn’t mean that what is this is this like an AR what is this this gun like a machine gun this one costs two keys I have two keys I can’t buy it until night time though who Should I kill next I got to give myself an alibi I’m going to use one of my keys on a chest in front of somebody man B I’m going to go do this chest you want to watch me do a chest wait we’ll clear each other we’ll clear each other we’ll Clear you want to kle okay you go first and I go was that a shotgun are you going to use that shotgun on us anytime soon oh I’ll buy this shotgun shells okay I’m going to buy this look hey wait that makes seconds that makes me cleared right you’re cleared you’re cleared you’re Clear you’re clear you’re clear who’s watching this wait somebody’s on the camps I didn’t like that left I don’t like that like that like that sorry I said sorry I literally said sorry okay now I got get another key and I got to kill someone this night time I need one More key and then I can buy the uh the machine gun do I have a task anywhere I have a task there there’s a chest there can I break the chest okay let’s become Peter I’m going to pickax somebody who should I pick there’s a chest can I Break the chest while it’s let me see now the chest has two timers but I got a key I don’t care I broke the mod cool okay let’s buy this and all right cool I got a Kimbo assault what does that do uh day halfway over there’s Gary there’s Biffle there’s Pat I’m going to go get Pat okay so I assume I just shoot bullets right machine gun style I think I don’t know all right let me go find somebody maybe I can snipe someone y all right that’s fortnite for you okay cool that was fun how many keys do I Need for the next one we already did this one so I got to do a new one oh and it’s almost daytime crap all right cool yeah it instantly turned me to H normal Peter whenever it becomes daytime great okay let me get more keys I think this One was three wasn’t it yeah this one’s three okay I got to get three keys dude they’re the chest Oh no I got to hurry this is not good oh there’s also a helicopter hey sigil hi hey hey why are you also not angry why are you not angry why did I see blood down here oh uh Nico got murdered horribly but like who cares wait who all was around you when he died was anybody around you who can you clear um I think I saw uh I want to say zud maybe I think I saw zud so you and zud Are clear yeah probably I feel no I’m clear too because I was I I wasn’t I Didn’t Do It information what’s your information I was uh with Nico when he died I was literally with him just said that where were you Pat huh yeah I see Pat it’s definitely Pat yeah weird H Weird weird I need to do a task right here oh okay that got it why are you watching me what did I do what did I do I’m watching you I got to who’s on the camera who’s on the camera who’s on the camera I’m dancing I’ve got good news I have to celebrate something I want to let everybody know look him is dead and it was me honestly a good that you know what if it if it really is you Gary I’m not even going to vote you out I don’t care that’s good H I’m going to I want you to win now since you killed look him thank you thank you than okay need more keys um dude they are getting the chest done so fast I got to stop them um how do I stop them okay so zud and sigil cleared each other and I want to say I saw hello I am there too so I’m going to pick them off next I got to stop hat I got to stop p no got stop no Peter Peter Peter St stop stop I’m annoying I’m annoyed why would you break my shin they’re so annoying Peter you What somebody help I’m going to did help did help no no W good is his bar full I think his bar was full I don’t have three keys though no I got to get three keys I got to kill him this night time he’s way outside of the map too do that There we go and that’s a key go up here grab this key I’m hidden no please stop please stop I was definitely hidden we have three keys Perfect all right let me go buy this and then get the Bazooka drink that okay what is this this do the big Boom so Pat was out here I hit him this way hold on what does the big boom do big boom can I just tell oh I I wait can I land help I’m going to land on Pat I can’t control Myself this mod is insane um okay cool this is going well I’m having fun um okay what do I do next I need to get back in the map how do I get back in the map oh I just walk on the map okay great Cool um okay what do I need to do next I’ve done this one that one costs one ooh chest hold let me break this chest uh Forge it why did why did the chest just fly is that chest permanently over there now oh don’t go down there they’ll all be Cleared you got to be careful got to be careful I’m transformed perfect um all right I need to get more keys how many keys do I Need how much is this one let me check baby he can’t see my no oh no okay let me go down here I can’t untransfer cuz I can’t go in this so it’s kind of difficult okay what is the next oh I think it’s the shotgun you guys remember the shotgun I can break this chest that’ll give me another key I assume this is four let me check four Four Keys okay I need four keys let me break this yay I got two yay I don’t want to untransform that would have been bad stop watching me stop watching me do you hear me okay let’s run away and we’ll transform I’m going to go talk to Gary

SSundee Becomes Peter Griffin

Oh Gary uh you want to help me there bu Gary what happened to your leg Gary I I got hit and then now I’m here your shin it’s broken Gary are you okay yeah well can you uh find me uh some crutches please I’ll go find you a hm trying to Think what would help what would help crutches a wheelchair give me a wheelchair okay I’ll get you a wheelchair I’ll get you a wheelchair Z zad why isn’t your barf wait no you’re cleared you’re cleared you’re cleared your s cleared you how did he clear me yeah yeah I’m cleared woohoo I don’t Know what’s going on what you literally he said that you and him saw Nico die in front of you guys cuz I killed him I don’t think you know how Among Us works anymore have we just been playing it so long you just forgot how it work It’s mush my brain is mush I don’t know anything all right that’s good I need two more keys it’s becoming night time oh no and I got to fill somebody’s bar up should I take out Gary I’m going to take out Gary why is there poop in front Of Peter you yes you saved me okay never I’m in the poop right now Peter please now I ate the poop okay stop it I’m going to get super annoyed oh you you monster okay I need to get the shotgun let’s Gary there I’m get the Bi’s going to get this chest I need more keys I need more keys hold on let me get more keys okay let’s grab this one we’ll hit this one that way okay great it just went there perfect cool so I need one more key one more key one more key we got to get it let’s go this way yes I’m going Get it I’m going to get it that’s awkward that’s awkward that’s awkward that’s awkward that’s awkward all right let’s go ahead and do that and what do we get uh petercopter uh did I do everything else I think I did all right uh let’s go find Biffle and uh Z’s still Here yep Z’s right there got it somebody help okay anybody help me except buff Peter why are you so buff what hey Z all right cool hey sndi how’s it going hi not much man uh so I ran into a little bit of a struggle um Biffle knew it was Me so I had to hit him outside the map and somebody was on the cams when I was talking to him so I had to go kill the person on the cams and then you came over here so I had to break your shin so Now I’m going to become a copter and go kill Biffle but first i’m going to M you can you hey B no what’s a hey bi hey Biff why are you so mad why are are you so mad if only you knew that the Left Bridge let you back on if only you knew that oh man are you kidding me and there we go now we have the final ability oh no Z don’t press the button don’t press the button this is not not cool not cool okay that is just wrong It’s still going it’s hit the like button hit the Subscribe button we did it y

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All features and highlights of the Peter Griffin Family Guy mod in Among Us have been shown in this engaging gaming adventure. From annoying other players to completing tasks and using the Petercopter, the game is packed with excitement and strategy. Overall, the central theme of this mod is to provide an entertaining and immersive gaming experience to the players. No matter the chaos or challenges, the adventure is always filled with fun experiences and keeps everyone on their toes.

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SSundee Becomes Peter Griffin