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    Square Enix says it sold Western studios to “protect” Japanese games, but analysts don’t believe it

    At a recent financial meeting, Square Enix revealed a number of details about its future and said that the sale of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos was due to a desire to protect the Japanese sales of the company’s games. However, two well-known analysts do not believe in this hypothesis.

    As you can see in the tweet below, Dr. Serkan Toto (CEO of Kantan Games Inc.) and David Gibson (Senior Analyst at MST Financial) explain that what Square Enix pointed out doesn’t sound quite right. Square Enix claims that the sale of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos is to ensure that the games released by these companies do not take away space from other games released by Square’s Japanese teams, but according to Toto, no one should believe this.

    Gibson also agrees with Toto, stating that he was blown away by what Square Enix had to say. He cites the example of Final Fantasy, which comes out every five to seven years: he says it’s impossible that in all that time there hasn’t been a place to host an AAA for one of Square Enix’s former western teams.

    Perhaps during the financial meeting, Square Enix tried to put the sale in a new light to its investors, trying to make it clear that the sale of such teams would allow Square Enix to focus more on other teams and the sale of such games.

    The company will release many games in the coming months, and one of them has just been officially announced with a trailer and release date: Tactics Ogre Reborn.

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