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    Split 2 Playoffs smash viewership records for ALGS

    Spurred on by a return to LAN after three years and the first true international Apex Legends Global Series competition since 2019’s Preseason Invitational, the ALGS Split Two Playoffs shattered previous ALGS viewership records, reaching a peak of 676,653 concurrent viewers, according to Esports Charts.

    The peak occurred during the final round of the event, in the climactic game seven won by Australian team Reignite.

    The Split One Playoffs in North America posted strong viewership numbers in January, reaching a peak of over 300,000 viewers during the event spread across multiple streams. That event was online and the ALGS allowed players to stream their individual POVs on a delay, meaning the overall viewer count was divided up among many Twitch channels, as well as the ALGS YouTube page. The LAN setting of the Split Two Playoffs meant a larger consolidation of viewers, with many of the most popular pro players at the event unable to stream it. This only drove viewers to other streams and the official broadcast, however, and the Split Two Playoffs more than doubled the viewership peak of North America’s Split One finale.

    There were strong viewership trends across the entire three-day event as well. The total event recorded an average of 283,905 viewers. Boosted by fans from all over the world tuning in to a single tournament, the viewership numbers are still impressive since matches frequently began in the middle of the night in North America, while usually beginning in the evening running through the night in the Asia-Pacific regions. 

    The ALGS also made a smart move for its B stream, electing to hire 100 Thieves creator Jack “NiceWigg” Martin and Charlotte Phoenix pro Athanasios “Greek” Alestas to cast matches that weren’t taking place on the main stage. Watch parties of ALGS streams are popular in the Apex community and the pair brought a much more relaxed air to the B stream. While both players are competing in Last Chance Qualifiers in an attempt to qualify for the ALGS Championship in July, the tournament series would be wise to consider a similar set-up for the Championship event, possibly working with other Apex streamers if NiceWigg and Greek turn out to be unavailable to cast.

    For a game that’s been forced to cancel LAN after LAN event due to COVID, the Split Two Playoffs in Stockholm were a resounding success for the ALGS. And if the viewership numbers for the event are anything to go by, the tournament series can expect bigger and better things for the ALGS Championship, where the prize pool is increased to $2.5 million.

    The ALGS Championship will take place from July 7 to 10 and will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina. Last Chance Qualifiers for the event resume in all regions this weekend, on May 6.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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