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    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows fan turns game footage into cool movie concepts

    A fan of the superhero action Spider-Man: Web of Shadows was so full of ideas in the film adaptation of his favorite game that he decided to work on concepts for the film. Enthusiast wens.1998 brought iconic scenes from the Spider-Man game to the world of cinema using modern image rendering technologies.

    It is worth noting that the fan made not just high-quality art on Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. The author of the concept tried to work out the very idea of ​​a film adaptation of the game, giving each image a realistic and effective character design.

    According to wens.1998, this is what the game should look like now. It is perfect for a full-fledged remake or a possible film adaptation. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows showed the most exciting confrontation between Spider-Man and Venom.

    As seen on PlayGround

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