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    Sphere – Flying Cities Full Version Coming to PC September 20th

    Wiesbaden, Germany-based publisher and developer Assemble Entertainment and Hannover, Germany-based developer Sphere Games UG have announced that the full version of their sci-fi city builder Sphere – Flying Cities will be released on PC on Steam and GOG on September 20, 2022.

    Unlike your typical post-apocalyptic city builder, Sphere – Flying Cities offers a unique twist: humanity’s last stronghold is not on the devastated surface of the Earth, but in the sky. Using new anti-gravity technology, players manage the well-being of humanity’s last inhabitants in their very first flying city.

    Inspired by James Blish’s novel City in Flight, Sphere – Flying Cities uses a mix of strategy, survival and city-building elements. Players take on the role of a commander whose sole purpose is to maintain order and ensure the survival of mankind. In the near future, the planet will be plunged into turmoil when a colossal asteroid crashes into Earth’s moon. After this destruction, the surface of the planet became completely uninhabitable. Faced with total annihilation, humanity makes a last and desperate attempt to survive – thanks to newly created anti-gravity technology, the first (and probably last) faction of flying cities becomes the ultimate bastion of humanity.

    As seen on PlayGround

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