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    SpellMaster: The Saga Update Released with New Content

    Developer Spellbook Creations has released a new update for the open world RPG SpellMaster: The Saga. The update adds English voice acting, recipes for crafting torches, a new storyline, and more. Full notes are available below:


    • Fixed a bug with falling through the ground when loading the game.
    • Fixed a bug with the revival of previously killed mobs when loading the game.
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect behavior of enemy AI.
    • Fixed a bug with not completing Diana’s quest.
    • Many small visual fixes, as well as dips and jams.
    • Reworked cave lighting.
    • Productivity increase.


    • Made torches and added recipes for making torches.
    • The ability to complete quests after the end of the night battle.
    • Residents have their own daily routines that start after a night battle.
    • New types of weapons and recipes for their creation.
    • New storyline with NPC Diana
    • 2 new dungeons.

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