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    Spaceship-management roguelike This Means Warp gets a major update

    Jagex and Outlier Games have announced that they have released the biggest update to their spaceship management roguelike, This Means Warp, available for PC on Steam. Players will be able to board other ships, upgrade their own ships with mods, and access a variety of cosmetics for their space explorer.

    Update 4 will add one of the most popular features requested by the community to the game, the teleport system, allowing for the first time ship-to-ship boarding so that players can damage enemy ships during combat. This update will also add new cosmetics to the game so that players can equip their space explorer with even more accessories and headgear, as well as an overhaul of the ship modification system, which will also allow players to install new modifications to increase the damage of their ship.

    Finally, there are many more improvements in the store, including improved AI, balance changes, new mods, weapons, and missions.

    This Means Warp is a cooperative survival game where players team up to fight their way through a procedurally generated hostile galaxy in an attempt to keep their ship safe and sound.

    This Means Warp is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

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