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    Space RPG Star Valor Coming Out of Early Access on Steam August 3rd

    Explore, survive and thrive in a massive procedural galaxy in Star Valor, leaving Early Access on August 3rd on Steam.

    Star Valor is a space RPG where you control your spaceship and destiny. Explore a sprawling procedurally generated open-world galaxy and work your way from unknown to the biggest name in the galaxy. But be warned, in a universe where the last of humanity is ruled by alien beings who nearly destroyed them, wealth and power don’t come easy.

    Choose carefully which factions you join or become independent, and make friends and enemies along the way. Earn credits by completing various activities such as mining valuable materials and minerals from asteroids, completing various missions, trading goods, salvaging shipwrecks, crafting weapons, getting pirate bounties, or being a pirate on your own. Gain experience and level up your skills, opening up new opportunities for subsequent playthroughs.

    As seen on PlayGround

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