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    Space Farm Sim One Lonely Outpost Coming to PC via Steam Early Access June 26

    Huntsville, Alabama, USA-based indie game publisher and developer Freedom Games today announced that farming sim One Lonely Outpost is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on June 26, 2023. Expect the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S versions to release alongside the launch of version 1.0, as announced during the Guerilla Collective demo.

    Breathe much-needed life into a remarkably empty alien world as an intrepid explorer. Turn the wastelands into flowering fields, ready to be settled by a group of curious colonists. Explore, plant, craft, fish and take on the difficult task of building a community to continue humanity’s legacy, starting with a few mysterious seedlings.

    Build a colony from scratch, with the ability to terraform the planet’s surface with the only other inhabitant – your adorable robot pet. Discover the many fish, beetles, and other flora and fauna that inhabit this otherwise lifeless world, recording each new material or creature in Omninak for future reference. Use key ingredients to create delicious recipes from a hearty menu.

    Even with great ingenuity, turning an outpost into a prosperous colony will not be easy. Ascend and overcome unbreathable air, inedible food, unfertilized soil and inaccessible water sources. Work around these issues, recruit new colonists, build relationships, and maybe even find love along the way. Find out what was once on the planet, reveal the secrets hidden under the now uninhabitable surface.

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