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    Sova nerfs to Shock Dart and Owl Drone coming to VALORANT in Patch 4.08

    A handful of Sova nerfs are reportedly heading to VALORANT in Patch 4.08, according to early access footage that has been released by some of the game’s pros.

    According to footage shared by G2 content creator Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski and Sova main for Alliance and Fnatic (stand-in) Enzo “Fea” Mestari, Sova’s Owl Drone and Shock Bolt will both receive nerfs in the new patch.

    Sova’s Shock Bolt will reportedly deal less damage, down to 75 points of maximum damage instead of 90. Additionally, Sova’s Owl Drone will only last for eight seconds instead of ten, and when it tags an enemy, the revealed enemy will only flash twice instead of three times. With the changes, players would need to hit an enemy with two max damage Shock Bolts in order to kill them, making his post-plant lineups less viable.

    Sova has received nerfs in the past, but only minor ones via a slight price increase to Owl Drone, Shock Bolt, and Hunter’s Fury, in addition to a cooldown timer increase to the Recon bolt, all of which were implemented during Patch 3.0.

    The reconnaissance-driven initiator has been a staple of competitive and pro play for most of VALORANT‘s lifespan. According to THESPIKE.GG, Sova has the highest all-time pick rate in recorded competitive matches, at 74.75 percent. Both Sova and Jett are the only two with all-time rates above 70 percent, and the next highest is Omen at only 40.70 percent.

    It’s no coincidence that the most picked agents are both receiving nerfs in Patch 4.08, with Jett set to receive a nerf to her Tailwind ability that will make her less elusive.

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