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    Sony unhappy with Game Pass growth

    Xbox Game Pass is getting too big and Sony is afraid of it, or at least that’s the position the Japanese company expressed to the Brazilian antitrust authority when asked to report on Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Thus, among the arguments that PlayStation cited during the hearings, was not only argument about the superiority of Call of Dutybut also a general indication of the risk of monopoly in the gaming market.

    Over the past five years, Microsoft’s Game Pass has grown to capture roughly 60-70% of the subscription market. The percentage is even higher in Brazil, around 70-80% of PC subscriptions. When Microsoft announced its 2020 acquisition of Bethesda, Game Pass had about 10 million subscribers. Even if each user paid for the lowest tier, $10 per month, that would generate over $1.2 billion in revenue from subscriptions alone.

    “When Microsoft then announced it would acquire Activision in 2022,” the Sony spokesperson continued. “Game Pass grew to 25 million subscribers, up 38 percent from January 2021, and doubled its annual subscription-related revenue to at least $3 billion.”

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