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    Sony and Tencent among potential buyers: Square Enix plans to sell shares in some of its studios

    Square Enix plans to sell shares in its in-house studios, and potential buyers include Sony, Tencent and Nexon, according to market analyst David Gibson.

    During last quarter’s financial report to shareholders, the Japanese company said it plans to sell shares in its studios as part of a “Phase 2” plan to improve capital efficiency.

    Phase 1 included the sale of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, which were acquired by Embracer Group in May. Square Enix says the decision to sell the two western studios was made out of concern that their games could trigger a decline in sales of the rest of the company’s studios.

    “Phase 2” is to diversify the capital structure of the studio. As development costs rise, Square Enix will be more selective with its resources, limiting the company’s expansion. Therefore, the company is conducting a review of its internal portfolio of studios to evaluate these factors. In particular, this decision will affect those divisions in Europe and the United States that are owned by the company, in order to provide additional resources for games developed by its Japanese teams.

    As a result, Square Enix wants to sell shares in its studios to improve capital efficiency, and Gibson said possible buyers include Sony, Nexon and Tencent, as they have shown a desire to expand or diversify their investments in recent months.

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