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    Someone made P.T. inside Halo Infinite’s leaked Forge mode

    As Halo Infinite continues to release in delayed chunks, players have discovered a way to access an unfinished version of Forge (opens in new tab) mode in the latest co-op campaign test flight. Some players have apparently had access to Forge tools for weeks and one in particular is already making some really impressive stuff.

    May I introduce you to: the Silent Hills P.T. demo’s iconic hallway, created by Forge-er and cosplayer Death Templar (opens in new tab).

    I’m immediately impressed by how well Templar has captured the mood of P.T. inside Halo’s engine. I think it’s how the harsh white lights bake over the blank white drywall that sells it for me. I’m used to thinking of Forge in terms of Halo 3, where all you could really do was move prefab metal and concrete pieces around and spawn vehicles wherever you want. Halo 5 kicked things up a notch with sophisticated logic tools. Now, it’s apparently not that hard to delve outside Halo’s aesthetic entirely and make a horror house with custom lighting, framed pictures, and sound effects. Forge has certainly grown up.

    Death Templar plans to keep working on the P.T. recreation as long as the Forge build is available. “My ultimate goal is to make PT so well in Forge one day, it prompts a cease and desist from Konami,” Templar tweeted (opens in new tab).

    Judging by Death Templar’s other creations and further leaks popping up on Twitter, new Forge will let players resize objects (opens in new tab) to absurd degrees, weld vehicles together, and alter gun attributes until they’re basically brand new weapons (opens in new tab) (as documented by Rebs Gaming (opens in new tab)).

    While it does sound fun to fire up this campaign co-op build I haven’t tried yet and sneak my way into Forge, we don’t recommend taking the plunge yourself. The process requires the use of third-party tools that 343 Industries might frown on, potentially resulting in a ban. It doesn’t look like 343 has wielded the ban hammer against any Forgers just yet, but it’s probably not worth the risk.

    On the bright side, the official release of Forge mode is supposedly not far off. 343 still plans to add Forge to Infinite sometime during Season 3, which is kicking off in late Summer 2022 (so possibly August). 

    As seen on PCgamer

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