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    Some new The Callisto Protocol gameplay and interviews with the developers

    The GameInformer portal has released a new video with an interview with Glen Scofield, game designer and CEO of the Striking Distance Studios development team, who are currently developing the 3rd person horror The Callisto Protocol. In the video, Scofield talked about the game’s origins and also showed off some new gameplay. The gameplay was recorded on new generation equipment.

    The Callisto Protocol is the debut project from Striking Distance Studios. This is a company founded by Glen Scofield, executive producer of the first part of the Dead Space series, where Steve Papoucis, executive producer of the second and third parts of this popular series, is director of development. Like the adventures of Isaac Clarke, this game is a sci-fi survival horror.

    The Callisto Protocol takes place in the year 2320. In the game, we arrive on the moon of Jupiter – Callisto, where the Dark Iron prison is located. During the game, we play the role of one of the prisoners, whose task is to escape from the facility and uncover its terrifying secrets. The fact that bloodthirsty mutants have taken over the prison doesn’t make things any easier.

    As seen on PlayGround

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