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    Some lucky ones can already preload God of War Ragnarok

    God of War Ragnarok launches November 9th, and digital gamers can get their console ready to launch as God of War Ragnarok pre-loads today! Those who live in New Zealand (where everything comes out first given their position on the globe) can already start downloading God of War Ragnarok:

    For those not in New Zealand, GOW Ragnarok will start preloading later tonight, and in some regions only tomorrow. As for the file sizes of each of them, here they are:

    God of War Ragnarok US Size:

    • PS4: 106.9 GB (version: 1.01)
    • PS5: 84 GB (version: 1.001.000)

    God of War Ragnarok Size Europe:

    • PS4: 118.519 GB (Version: 1.01)
    • PS5: 84.095 GB (Version: 1.001.000)

    God of War Ragnarok launches worldwide on November 9th on PS4 and PS5. Remember to be careful, as spoilers have already flooded the net, including the full retelling of the plot.

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