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    Some details about the LGA1851 socket designed for the 15th generation Core

    Current Intel processors are based on the LGA1700 socket. Future Raptor Lake Refresh will also be implemented in its design, and three generations of chips on the same socket are very rare for Intel. With the advent of the 15th generation Core processors (Arrow Lake), it will be replaced by the LGA1851. Resource Igor’s Lab shared technical details about the future Intel socket.

    As the marking hints, the LGA1851 will get more pins, while the physical dimensions will remain the same. The question of the compatibility of current cooling systems remains open, since they talk about increased mounting pressure. And not just a little bit, but almost twice. This leak mentions an identical height, although previously there was a difference of 0.1 mm.

    The increased number of pins is due to additional PCI-Express lines. 4 lanes of PCI-E 4.0 and 5.0 will be added, designed for NVMe drives.

    The other day, information appeared allegedly from Intel itself that Core 15th Gen chips will provide a performance increase of 6-21% with the same number of cores. Their release is expected towards the end of next year.

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