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    SOMA and Resident Evil-inspired sci-fi game Cryogenesis Announced

    Developer and publisher Remainder Studios has unveiled their latest project, the sci-fi game Cryogenesis, which is heavily inspired by SOMA and Resident Evil. A game in which you have to explore, solve puzzles and use many types of weapons in order to survive in a large laboratory in charge of creating robots.

    You play as a man named Roger Bennett, who wakes up in a cryochamber inside a large laboratory 50 years after the collapse of civilization and the possible extinction of mankind. Your task is to find out what is hidden in this mysterious place.

    Surviving inside the laboratory will not be easy. Choose the best weapons to defeat the various enemies you will meet along the way. All with different behavior and attacks. You will have a limited number of slots to store your items. Take the ones you think are most important to your progress. The rest will have to be left in the chest.

    As seen on PlayGround

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