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    Sojourn gameplay trailer premiere and community Q&A with Overwatch 2 devs set for April 14

    The Overwatch 2 development team is debuting an official gameplay trailer for one of the game’s new heroes, Sojourn, on April 14 along with a community Q&A to be hosted on the official Overwatch Twitch channel.

    The Overwatch team released an “origin story” cinematic for Sojourn today, officially introducing the fan base to Vivian “Sojourn” Chase, a former Canadian special forces commander and member of Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis. The trailer shows her alongside heroes like Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and others.

    Only limited gameplay footage of Sojourn is available as of now, with brief glimpses into what she’s capable of from a few videos from the developers. Her primary weapon appears to be a rifle with a high fire rate, similar to that used by Soldier: 76, with a secondary fire railgun attachment. She also appears to have a forward movement ability that looks like it could be a charged slide. The Overwatch team tweeted with her origin story that she is “equipped with cybernetic abilities.”

    The gameplay trailer scheduled for tomorrow, April 14, will give fans their first official look at Sojourn’s abilities. Her kit will be heavily discussed in the developer Q&A session hosted by community members Briggsycakes and FindingKyky.

    No official release date for Overwatch 2 has been announced yet, but Sojourn is expected to be included in the upcoming closed beta period beginning this month. More heroes and original hero reworks are expected to be added to the Overwatch sequel, too.

    The official start time for the Sojourn gameplay trailer on April 14 is 1pm CT.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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