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    SOEDESCO announces publishing partnership with Among Giants

    SOEDESCO has announced a partnership with Sao Paulo-based Brazilian game development studio Among Giants to publish their new project. Among Giants previously released the story-driven music adventure game Distortions.

    “Since the successful release of our latest project, Distortions, our progress has grown very quickly and it seems surreal that SOEDESCO will join our next endeavor,” Among Giants said in a press release. “We are especially excited that SOEDESCO not only believes in and supports our game design philosophy, but also embraces our team’s self-expression and shares our vision of creating something new in the gaming industry. Our next project will focus on our deep passion for mountaineering in the remote corners of the world and our love for the mountains, influenced by the rich cultural heritage of Patagonia. With SOEDESCO at our side, we are very excited to bring this vision to life.”

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