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    Social PvE Survival Sandbox Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore Enters Early Access

    Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore, the ambitious survival sandbox game from indie developer Blankhans, launches today on Steam Early Access. Explore a vast and vibrant land full of secrets to uncover, challenges to conquer and settlements to build with friends.

    Immerse yourself in the land of Tormentosia, a flourishing world on the verge of destruction that has been restored by six famous kingdoms. Restore and protect the earth together with friends and a friendly community of players. Build settlements limited only by your imagination, contain threats with a nearly endless array of craftable weapons and tools, and build a sustainable civilization in this rich world of exploration and discovery.

    Dangers lie in wait for brave adventurers on their way to the restoration of Tormentosia. Gather materials, craft armor, and take up arms to defend the persistent PvE world. The fate of Tormentosia cannot rest solely on your shoulders, since it directly depends on the positive interaction of players with each other and the world itself. So team up with adventurers from all over the world, unleash your creativity and restore the lands to their former glory.

    Early Access will be determined by the interaction between the community and Blankhans. Instead of building Coreborn behind the scenes, Blanchans aims to involve the community in an ongoing development process. Regular polls about upcoming features, an extensive roadmap, and events in the world of Tormentosia will provide players with a direct route to share their feedback. Early Access is just the beginning of a long journey to bring the famous TTRPG Ultracore Pen & Paper to life.

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